Go Blue NU

Go Blue NU

What is Go Blue NU?

The Go Blue NU campaign is about protecting our homes, our community, and all those we love from second-hand smoke. Go Blue NU is all about encouraging Nunavummiut to take the pledge and commit to making their homes and vehicles smoke-free for a stronger and healthier future.

Second-hand smoke harms everyone, but it is especially dangerous to children who have weak immune systems.  (Learn more about the effects of second-hand smoke on our bodies at Tobacco and Your Body)

Here are the steps to Going Blue NU:

1) Go smoke-free: Making our homes and vehicles smoke-free is all about protecting those we love. Please smoke outside!

  • Establish a smoking area outside your home. Protect the environment by setting up a safe way to dispose of your butts. Did you know that in Nunavut, nine metres is the required distance for smokers to stay away from public doors and windows? Smokers are required to be at least nine meters away from the property line of schools, playgrounds and health centres!
  • Clean house. Give your whole home and car a good cleaning. Get rid of the smoky smell by sprinkling baking soda on carpets and upholstery, then vacuuming it up in the morning. Use a cup of vinegar in a bucket of warm water with two tablespoons of dish soap to wash your walls.
  • Let the house breathe. If the weather allows it, open all your doors and windows and let the house air out.
  • Load up the laundry. Wash all your clothes, blankets, and furniture covers in the washing machine. In addition to laundry soap, use a cup of white vinegar to get rid of the smoke smell.
  • Let everyone know. Tell visitors that your home is now smoke-free and to only smoke outside.
  • Thank them. Tell friends and family how much you value their efforts to keep your home smoke-free.


2) Go Blue NU: Make it official. Blue on the outside means fresh on the inside. Show friends and family that your home and car are smoke-free. Announce that your home is smoke-free to friends and family by installing a blue light bulb on your porch, use the door hanger on your front door, or place a Go Blue NU window cling in your window.


  • Install a Go Blue NU light bulb on your porch or window
  • Hang the Go Blue NU door hanger on your porch or window
  • Place a Go Blue NU window cling in your window.

To get your Go Blue NU light bulb, door hanger or window cling, contact your Community Health Representative.


Download the Go blue NU Fact Sheet: ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ /  English / Inuinnaqtun / Français
Download the Go blue Pledge Form: ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ /  English / Inuinnaqtun / Français
Download the Go blue NU PowerPoint: ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ /  English / Inuinnaqtun / Français
Download the Go blue NU PowerPoint-PDF: ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ /  English / Inuinnaqtun / Français

3) Go Spread the word: By going BLUE you are speaking up and spreading the message that second-hand smoke has no place in our homes and vehicles. Head on over to Facebook, and tell us how you went blue and help others come up with ideas on how to go blue too!

What is second-hand smoke?

Second-hand smoke is the smoke that comes from the burning end of cigarette. Breathing in this smoke is just like smoking – and is just as dangerous. Check out our page on second-hand smoke to learn more.

Why does smoking belong outside?
When you smoke outside, the wind blows the smoke safely away from others. Even if there is no one around you at the time when you are smoking, the smoke lingers around the house, and becomes trapped in fabric. This is called “third-hand smoke” and it is also dangerous.


Can you see the hidden image in the Go Blue NU logo?

Blue is the colour of the north; it’s the colour of blue skies, clean air, and it’s a natural colour to symbolize a smoke-free home.  Can you tell what the symbol surrounding the blue home represents?

Hint: it’s an arctic animal known for its protective instincts, forming tight circles with the herd to defend its young. Think you know? Share it on our Facebook page.