Quit Stories

Quit Stories

Has tobacco affected you, your family or community?

If you answered YES, then we want to hear your story!

Many Nunavummiut have personal stories about tobacco. Almost everyone knows someone affected by smoking or chewing tobacco. We want to hear from you! Your story could be:

  • why you started smoking or how you quit. Share your reasons to quit, your struggles, and your successes.
  • how smoking has affected your health or the health of your community.
  • about a loved one who passed away because of tobacco.

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Help spread the message that Tobacco Has No Place Here!


Hey everyone, my name is Haley John Shimout Anawak.

I am originally from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut but have lived half my life in Ottawa, many years in Rankin Inlet, and a few years in Iqaluit...

I have been a resident of Nunavut since 1986 having spent the first 15 years in the Kivalliq region and the last 11 here in Iqaluit.

I grew up in a house were both my parents smoked and...

I have this idea, the idea came out of my mind. As I see smokers and as a smoker myself for 34 years and I’ve tried to quit smoking but there was something missing. What is missing? Most of all...