Sammy Audlakiak

I have this idea, the idea came out of my mind. As I see smokers and as a smoker myself for 34 years and I’ve tried to quit smoking but there was something missing. What is missing? Most of all smoking at that time I had no idea how to keep up but now I have an idea. The idea is to eat lots of candies, take candies right after a meal. Little things like jelly beans, soft candies, hard candies. It’s even better to eat healthy or a traditional food before eating candies, chocolate, and keep busy. If you are a man, do man’s stuff or keep track of what you are doing, such as office work, hunting, other jobs, or even if you’re unemployed. For women, do women’s stuff and keep track of what you are doing from work at home. It is possible and has to be a good idea. After a meal or during work or free time. This is what you do if you want to quit smoking and do whatever’s possible. If you are trying to quit smoking this is an idea or a way to quit smoking. Be strong if craving occurs. Drink water and have candies. Eat leftovers. And if craving is hard for you, that means it’s cleaning. If it’s coming from your chest, feels like got to have one or more it may do that way. Sit, relax, and have candy lots and try and make a plan ahead for tomorrow, next week, or during the day. There’s support for quitting smoking. Good luck and be strong if it’s possible.