I Want to Quit

I Want to Quit

Thinking of Quitting

If you're on this page, it means you've taken the first step towards a healthier lifestyle- you are thinking about quitting! You know tobacco is bad for you, but maybe you’re not quite ready to stop using it. You are not alone! Quitting is hard and takes lots of support, hard work and even practice. In fact, the average smoker needs to try seven times to quit smoking.

Remember, you don’t need to quit suddenly. Instead, you can gradually reduce your tobacco use. This can be your first step towards not using tobacco. Quitting is contagious, when you quit, others will follow. This means you will not only improve your own health, but you will also help others!

With every cigarette you don’t smoke, you improve your health and send the message that Tobacco Has No Place Here.

Are you wondering what quitting will be like? Read about your quit journey and quit tips. You can also read other people's quit stories for inspiration and tips.