Quit Journey

Quit Journey

Quitting is hard work and like anything that's difficult - it requires preparation. Some individuals continue to smoke after quitting because they did not plan ahead. You would not take part in a race without good preparation, right? In the same way, you need to train to quit smoking.

Take some time to get prepared; get your mind and body ready for this great change. Everyone's Quit Journey is different, but there are some basic steps that help everyone. 

Pick a quit date.  It is important to decide on a day to start your quit journey.

Prepare yourself.  Research has found that being prepared will help you quit and stay tobacco-free.
Be sure to check out quit aids or talk to a Quit Coach to help you with your quit journey.

Practice quitting. Practice quitting by resisting your triggers. Think about changing your daily habits. For example:

  • If you usually smoke when you wake up in the morning, try to delay your first smoke until after breakfast.
  • If you usually have a cigarette on your way to work, try to leave early and light up only after you get there.
  • If you smoke with your friends, try to only smoke on your own. This will help you separate your social time and your smoking time.

Your Quit Day

Congratulations! Today is the first day of your healthier, tobacco-free life.

Here are some tips to help you get through your quit day and the days to come:

  • Get free counselling and support from a quit help coach.
  • Learn about quit aids and medications to help you through cravings. Click here to find out more.
  • Talk to your friends, family and community about your quit day. Let them know how they can help you.
  • Join the “Nunavut Quits” community. You can share your story. You can also read inspiring stories from real people.

Check out other Nunavummiut's Quit Stories here or on our Facebook page. You can read quit tips, share stories and talk to others in Nunavut who have quit. There is a whole community supporting you!