Help Someone Quit

Help Someone Quit

Smoking is a personal choice. People need to quit for themselves. However, no one needs to quit alone. Helping someone on their quit journey is a very important job. Whether you are a previous tobacco user or not, our confidential quit smoking program and resources make it easy to help friends, family, patients, and employees quit and stay tobacco-free.

In addition to the resources we offer, look around your community and see what is available. There may be support groups. These  can provide strength, encouragement, friendships and a sense of belonging. They create a space where people trying to quit can share their stories and offer each other advice. Support groups create a community. People trying to quit can come together, feel accepted, and be heard.

Some communities may not have a support group. In this case, consider starting one. You can speak with your community health representative (CHR) about this need and the Tobacco Reduction Team can provide a how-to guide and more information.



Tobacco Reduction Team: or 867-975-5787

Nu QuitLine: 1-866-368-7848