Nicotine Lozenge

Nicotine Lozenge

The nicotine lozenge is similar to a cough drop or a sore throat lozenge. Each lozenge has just enough nicotine to help you manage a cigarette craving.

Some people with dental problems prefer the lozenge over the gum. It can also be used together with the patch. Using two nicotine products together can help people who smoked heavily.

There are two strengths of lozenges. The one you use depends on how many cigarettes you smoked.

How to use the nicotine lozenge:

  • Place one lozenge in your mouth.
  • Allow the lozenge to dissolve slowly. This should take 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Move the lozenge from one side of your mouth to the other.
  • Don’t chew, swallow or suck on the lozenge. 
  • Avoid eating or drinking for 15 minutes before using and while the lozenge is dissolving.

Talk to a nurse or doctor before using the nicotine lozenge if you:

  • are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • are being treated for any serious heart problem;
  • have had a heart attack or stroke within the last two weeks; or
  • use any prescribed medication regularly.

Stop using the lozenge immediately and see a nurse or doctor if you have:

  • chest pain;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • leg pain;
  • strong stomach pain; or
  • rash or hives.

Nicotine lozenges do have side effects, including:

  • upset stomach;
  • mouth, throat or gum irritation;
  • problems sleeping; and
  • headaches.