Quit Calendar:  Helpful for those ready to quit, use it to mark off each day you are tobacco-free while using the helpful tips listed for each day.
Download: PDF iconEnglish PDF iconInuktitut / PDF iconFrench / PDF iconInuinnaqtun 

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Guide:  Provides a basic understanding on what NRTs are, how they work, how to use them and how to obtain them.
Download: PDF icon  English / PDF iconInuktitut /PDF iconFrench / PDF iconInuinnaqtun 

Tobacco Quit Guide: The Quit Guide provides helpful tips and ideas on how to quit for life.
Download: English / Inuktitut / French / Inuinnaqtun  

Prescription Medication Guide:  Provides an overview of two prescription medications proven to help people quit smoking:  Bupropion SR (Zyban™) and Varenicline (Champix™).
Download: PDF iconEnglish / PDF iconInuktitut / PDF iconFrench / PDF iconInuinnaqtun

Colouring Book:  The “Say No To Tobacco” colouring book was developed for children in kindergarten to grade three to help young Nunavummiut learn about the harms of tobacco use. 
Download: PDF iconMultilingual 

Activity Book:  The “Anaanatsiaq and Oolee Talk About Tobacco” activity book was developed for children in grades four to six to learn about the harms of tobacco use through word games and puzzles.
Download: English / Inuktitut / French / Inuinnaqtun 

Smokeless Tobacco (Spit/Snuff/Dip/Chew):  This handout describes the different types of smokeless tobacco, the health risks and how to quit.
Download: PDF iconEnglish / Inuktitut / French / Inuinnaqtun 

Weight Gain and Quitting:  Find out the facts about gaining weight after quitting tobacco.
Download: PDF iconEnglish / Inuktitut / French / Inuinnaqtun 

What is Second-Hand Smoke?:  Describes the dangers of second-hand smoke and how to avoid it.
Download: PDF iconEnglish / Inuktitut / French / Inuinnaqtun

Health Effects of Smoking:  Talks about the harms of smoking, including lung disease, heart disease and cancer, plus effects on the baby during pregnancy. 
Download: PDF iconEnglish / Inuktitut / French / Inuinnaqtun

Rumour Busting:  Commonly asked questions about tobacco use and quitting are answered here.
Download: PDF iconEnglish / Inuktitut / French / Inuinnaqtun

Tobacco Use During Pregnancy:  Describes the harms of tobacco use during pregnancy and provides strategies for pregnant women to reduce and quit.
Download: PDF iconEnglish / PDF iconInuktitut / PDF iconFrench / PDF iconInuinnaqtun