Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

Below are excellent resources on tobacco cessation developed specifically for Nunavut. 

Introductory Tobacco Cessation Course:  For Community Health Workers (CHRs, CWCs, COHCs, CPNP facilitators, youth coordinators, recreation coordinators, mental health staff, others).

Intermediate Tobacco Cessation Course:  For clinical Health Care Providers (nurses, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, public health nurses, mental health nurses, other health professionals).

Fact Sheets

PDF iconNicotine Replacement Therapy
PDF iconZyban™ and Champix™
Tuberculosis and Smoking - English / Inuktitut / French / Innuinaqtun
Lung Cancer  English / Inuktitut / French / Innuinaqtun


Video #1 – The 3As method – Johnny had a heart attack, and isn’t ready to quit.
Video #2 –  The 5As Method – Laura has emphysema and is ready to quit.
Video #3 – Demonstration of an ineffective brief tobacco intervention – Noah has surgery and is not ready to quit.
Video #4 – Demonstration of an effective brief tobacco intervention – Noah has upcoming surgery and is not ready to quit.
Video #5 – Demonstration of the 5As Model  - Mary is pregnant and ambivalent about quitting.
Video #6 – Demonstration of effective brief tobacco intervention with a youth who has asthma. 

PDF iconSkill Building Workshop Facilitator Guide 

Cessation Medication Order Set

Telehealth Presentations

Addressing Tobacco Use in Pregnant, Breast-Feeding and Post-Partum Women: A public health issue
Smoking, Trauma and Trauma Informed Practice
Motivational Interviewing
Smoking Cessation for Safer Surgery: Tips for helping patients quit
Smoking Cessation in Vulnerable Populations

PDF iconTuberculosis and Tobacco Cessation

PDF iconEmerging Trends in Tobacco:  Alternative Products and Legislation

Lesson Plans

Smokerlyzer (CO Monitor)
Smokey Sue Smokes for Two
Mr. Gross Mouth
Teeth in Tobacco Juice
Prenatal Board Game
Cost Calculator
Clem’s Phlegm
Pig’s Lungs

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