Tobacco Was Never Part of Inuit Culture

Tobacco Was Never Part of Inuit Culture

European whalers regularly travelled to the Arctic in the late 17th and 18th century. When they visited, they introduced tobacco to Inuit. At that time, no one knew how bad smoking and chewing tobacco was and the effect it has one’s health. But today we know tobacco use leads to illness and death.

We have to work together to take a stand against tobacco. We need to show that we were tobacco-free before and we can be tobacco-free again because Tobacco Has No Place Here.

How much tobacco is sold in Nunavut?

  • In 2013, Nunavummiut spent more than $48 million on tobacco products.
  • About 66 million cigarettes were sold in Nunavut in 2013.

Interesting facts about the tobacco industry.

  • Cigarette companies advertise "light" cigarettes as less harmful, however they deliver the same amount of tar and nicotine as regular cigarettes.
  • Tobacco companies target young people. They have launched tobacco brands in fruit and candy flavours. The companies want to:
    • make the first smoking/tobacco chewing experience more pleasurable;
    • make smoking trendy;
    • disguise the smell of second‐hand smoke; and
    • encourage experimentation and make smoking easier.
  • Tobacco companies target women with their advertising.
  • Until as late as 1999, tobacco companies placed their store advertisements at a child’s eye level.
  • In 2006, major tobacco companies in USA were found guilty of misleading the American people for 50 years about the dangers of smoking.