Tobacco Product Types

Tobacco Product Types

There are three main types of tobacco: smoked products, smokeless products and nicotine products. All can cause addiction and health problems.

Smoked products are ones that burn tobacco. The smoke may be inhaled, or can also be held in the mouth. These products include:

Cigarettes: The number one consumed tobacco product in the world. Cigarettes are made with shredded tobacco. The tobacco is rolled into paper-wrapped cylinders. Tobacco companies use hundreds of chemicals to process cigarettes. They also add flavours, such as menthol.

Roll-your-own (RYO) cigarettes: These cigarettes are rolled by the smoker. He/she uses cigarette papers to hand-fill the tobacco that also contain hundreds of chemicals.

Cigars: Cigars contain dried and fermented tobacco. The tobacco is rolled tightly and ignited. The smoker draws the cigar smoke into his/her mouth and then blows it out.

Smokeless products include tobacco products taken in the mouth or nose without burning. They include:

Chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco is placed in the mouth, cheek, or inner lip. It is then sucked or chewed. It is sometimes called “spit tobacco”. This is because users spit out the tobacco juices and saliva.

Snuff. Snuff is powdered or crushed tobacco. It comes in dry or moist form. Dry snuffs are fine tobacco powder mixtures. They are usually inhaled and absorbed through the nose. Moist snuffs are taken in the mouth, between the cheek and the gum.

Nicotine products: These products deliver nicotine to the brain. They include:

E-cigarettes. These use containers filled with nicotine, flavour and other chemicals. The e-cigarette uses a battery to turn the nicotine and other chemicals into a vapour, which is inhaled. Many of these nicotine products are flavoured with menthols, fruits and candy because young people are often attracted to these flavours. They can make it more attractive to start smoking, which can also lead to addiction.