Nunavut Tobacco Enforcement Program

Nunavut Tobacco Enforcement Program


The Tobacco Enforcement program was created and implemented in 2015 as a measure to ensure that all tobacco retailers in Nunavut are in compliance with the Nunavut Tobacco Control Act (TCA) and its regulations. The enforcement program involves two phases. 

Phase I – Education & outreach: All tobacco retailers with a Tobacco Retailer Permit through the Department of Finance received an education and outreach visit from a Tobacco Inspector starting in November 2015. During the visit, retailers received a Tobacco Retailer Toolkit and orientation about what is required to be in compliance with the TCA; this involves posting mandated signage, having a store tobacco policy, and training and monitoring employees who sell tobacco. 

Phase 2 – Tobacco Inspections: Formalized tobacco inspections began once education & outreach had been completed. The purpose of tobacco inspections is to ensure that tobacco retailers and their employees are in compliance with the TCA. This includes making sure that: 

  • Employees are checking ID and not selling tobacco to people younger than 19.
  • The store has a tobacco policy.
  • All employees receive training before selling tobacco.
  • Retailers monitor their employees.
  • Proper signage is in place.

The Tobacco Retailer Toolkit and the accompanying resources are available for download by clicking on “Tobacco Retailer Toolkit & Resources” on the upper left menu. They are available in all 4 official languages.