SPEAK UP About Second-hand Smoke

SPEAK UP About Second-hand Smoke

Step away before you light up

If you smoke, take nine big steps away from any entrance to a public building and nine big steps away from school, playground and health centre property.

It’s the law. And it’s the right thing to do – because it protects other people from second-hand smoke.


What is second-hand smoke?

The smoke coming out of the lit end of a cigarette is called second-hand smoke. It is full of poisons – with more than 4,000 chemicals including at least 70 that can cause cancer.

Learn more about second hand smoke HERE

Second-hand smoke sticks around

Many of the particles in second-hand smoke don’t disappear when they go into the air. In fact, they can stay in the air for hours. Some of the poisons also stick to furniture, clothing and even on people.  


Second-hand smoke hurts children

Children who breathe in second-hand smoke are sick more often than kids breathing clean air. They have more:

  • lung infections
  • ear infections
  • ongoing coughing
  • breathing problems

If a child has asthma, second-hand smoke makes it worse. Second-hand smoke makes it more likely that a child will get asthma.

Babies can die from second-hand smoke causing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Nunavummiut babies die more often from SIDS than other Canadian infants.  


Keep your children healthy

Keep your children away from smoking.

If you smoke, step outside your home – at least nine big steps – before you light up.

Don’t smoke when your baby is in your amauti.


Second-hand smoke hurts everyone.

There is no safe amount of second-hand smoke. People of all ages can be harmed by second-hand smoke.

It can cause lung cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. In fact, lung cancer is the most common cancer in Nunavut.


Keep your family and community healthy

Keep your home smoke-free.

Many Nunavummiut have made their homes smoke-free. It’s a great way to protect each other from second-hand smoke. Learn more about protecting your family from second hand smoke with the Go Blue NU campaign HERE.